Our mechanized parts undergo a rigorous control in the finish and the production process that is verified before being sent to the client. Each series goes through an exhaustive analysis in our Quality Control Office before being delivered. In order to achieve it, we have last generation machines that help us to study into detail, roughness, dimensions, shape and resistance of parts.

Since 1999, our quality management system is certified according to the norm UNE EN ISO ISO 9001.

We understand quality and accuracy as an essential issue in the management system of the company. Therefore, the maintenance of quality standards rules our relationship with customers, suppliers and employees, in order to provide them with competitive advantages in an effective and efficient manner:

  • Achieving higher levels in the satisfaction of our clients, serving their needs and their present and future expectations.
  • Considering staff as the essence of the organization, with a trust-based relationship, allowing their total involvement in the company’s objectives.
  • Focusing on the enhancement of processes that leads to continuous improvement.

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