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Turnimat S.A. is a manufacturer of mechanized metal parts that it is qualified in the automotive industry. Turnimat, S.A. was founded in 1992, starting the production in the facilities of Hospitalet de Llobregat. In 2013, we moved to the current facilities in Lliçà de Vall.

In our Machining workshop, our main activity deals with the production of precision turned parts that are assembled with the most innovative techniques available in the market. We offer the most accurate precision in all finishes and sizes requested by the customer.

Most of our parts have an application in the automotive sector. However, we also stand out for our production in elevator axes, escalators and shafts for canalizations. Turnimat S.A. works with medium and large series to ensure maximum competitiveness in price and quality. Furthermore, since we have all our processes automatized and we work with the most innovative equipment with the latest technology available in the market, we can assure an outstanding price/quality ratio.

Our parts are made using the technique of precision turning. We manufacture turning parts throughout a mechanized process with chip removal including the final operation of cutting the part from the bar.

Based on this accurate operation of machining parts, we offer series of medium and large sizes of several diameters, between 6 and 25 mm and up to 650 mm long, starting with tube calibration with or without welding and solid bars.

Our most important asset is our human team in Turnimat S.A., as well as a common goal: the full satisfaction of our clients. To achieve it, we maintain a quality system that ensures zero defects in all our products.

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